Basic Facts About Life Insurance

life insurance

Life insurance is simply a contract in which an insurer agrees to pay out a specified amount of cash to an insurance beneficiary, on the death of an insured individual, for a pre-determined period of time. This agreement is entered into between the insurance provider and the individual or his or her beneficiary. Most commonly, the term insurance refers to a whole life insurance. The latter is the type of life insurance where one buys it once and receives it throughout one’s life, the premiums being paid only during the life expectancy of the buyer. The former is the kind of life insurance in which an individual gets it for a specified period and pays a premium periodically, which is determined by the insurer and agreed upon between the two parties.

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With the passing of time, many people are getting the thought that by taking out life insurance policies, they are providing a source of security for their families in the event that their loved one dies. Taking out a policy is always a big decision because it involves large sums of money. Even the cheapest life insurance policy that one can get today may not be enough to take care of the daily expenditures of a family if that family was dependent on the person for the livelihood. For this reason, it is imperative that one should discuss all aspects of the policy with his or her broker or agent. One should also research on the internet to find out what kind of policies are available in the market. When considering taking out life insurance policies, it is important that you are aware of the basic facts and figures that are included in the policy.

One thing that you need to know clearly from the very beginning is what are the benefits that are mentioned in the policy. A policy can have as much or as little of these benefits as you want it to. One of the most popular features that are commonly included in life insurance policies is the lump sum that is paid out in the case of the death of the policy holder. This sum is usually equal to the total of the premium payments that were made on the policy during the term of the policy. Although it is an attractive feature of life insurance policies, lump sum premiums are not necessarily the best option for people who are looking forward to large monthly or yearly investments.


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