Healthy Homes Welsdon – A Resource Company

About. Wellington is a non-profit community organization that works towards healthy homes by conducting comprehensive Home Inspection Services and Community Based Healthy Homes Program. They conduct periodic Meth Testing, Mold Testing, Asbestos Sampling, Viral Testing, Blind Testing & Respiratory Health tests as well as provide training for various professionals such as engineers, architects, building code inspectors, home and health inspection contractors. This agency also promotes the community in which it operates by serving as a catalyst in improving public awareness of health, safety and environmental issues. Its Service Area covers Central Business District, North Island, South Island.

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Healthy Homes Wellington (Without All The Hype)

The services provided by Wellington include a full range of professional services, including building, pest and electrical inspection, community development, environmental monitoring and risk assessment services, community and environment management, home purchase and selling and renovation. The company offers services in a number of disciplines, including Energy efficient housing, sustainable building and design, environmentally friendly building and design, sustainable development and sustainable construction and design. It ensures that it complies with the latest government guidelines on the development of its site. It ensures that it carries out complete site investigations, including subsidence monitoring, structural analysis, site investigation report and structural engineer review as well as complying with the legal requirements of various regional authorities. The company also carries out comprehensive communication and project management services, including coordinating and managing the contractors and staff, providing support during and after the construction process and post-construction services including routine maintenance and repairing of certain equipment.

The main areas of focus for this agency are Te Auckara/Te Puna and Papamoa/Mount Cook, where most of its projects are carried out. It is also providing mobile resource management services to communities in its service area. This resource management helps communities in identifying the most suitable sustainable building options in their areas, as well as helping them achieve timelines and budgets. This enables communities to utilize its environmental resources in the most productive and environmentally friendly ways, while ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations.


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