What Is A Reception Sign In?

What Is A Reception Sign In?

A receptionist sign in reception management system similar to a paper coupon book that provides a virtual receipt for clients as they approach the front desk of a business. It is an electronic product that allows a business owner to provide a virtual receipt for clients as they approach their front desk or as they enter the front office during business hours. Most receptionists are expected to handle these coupon books by hand and this process can be extremely time consuming. A receptionist sign in system is therefore very useful. Not only does it eliminate the need for employees to manually input customer information into a database, it also eliminates the need for a sales person to collect client information as they walk through the front office during business hours.

Reception signs in systems come in a variety of formats. Some are designed to be placed on the wall in plain view and may be attached to a standard desk or reception area register. Other systems are designed to be mounted on a standard piece of furniture like the reception desk and can be activated either manually or electronically. Still other systems simply plug into an existing electrical outlet and alert the office space of any incoming visitors.

Any type of reception sign in system that requires contact information for a particular office space to be accessed needs to be designed so that people can easily access it. This means that the format of the sign should include a phone number or name that is easy for visitors to write down or type into a computer. For example, a sign for a doctor’s office could inform patients that their visit would be recorded in a doctor’s appointment log and sent to a database. In a law firm, a sign that informs clients of a free introductory consultation might offer clients the option to book a session. The sign in should allow the user to take immediate action on possible future consultations.


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