Harry McMurtry

Harry was a litigation lawyer until Parkinson’s disease cut short his professional career at the age of 48.

Harry attended Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada where he received a Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences) in 1985 and a Bachelor of Laws in 1989. At Queen’s, he played two seasons for the varsity basketball team. After graduating from law school, he articled in Toronto, Canada. After his call to the Bar in 1991, Harry returned to Kingston to pursue his law career. In addition to working in a private practice, Harry was a lecturer for five years at St. Lawrence College. In 1994, he was appointed a part-time prosecutor (Assistant Crown Attorney).

In 1996, Harry joined the estate litigation practice of Hull & Hull in Toronto. Wanting to broaden his litigation practice, Harry joined Blaney McMurtry in 1997 where he became a partner. Harry moved once again in 2004 to the firm at which he would eventually retire as a name partner: Affleck Greene McMurtry.

In 1983, Harry started Camp Awakening, a summer camp for children with physical disabilities (this summer marks its 34th year of operation). Before resigning from the Board in 1997, Harry organized a unique fundraising event at which recording artist Tom Cochrane performed. Harry raised $50,000 for Camp Awakening.

Harry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2005 at the age of 42. In 2010, he retired from the legal profession. He had DBS surgery the following year. With encouragement from a friend with the disease, Harry started fundraising for various Parkinson’s causes. In 2011, he raised over $20,000 for Parkinson Society Canada through Parkinson SuperWalk. The next year, he put on a concert and raised almost $35,000 for PSC. In 2013, Harry aimed higher. Relying on his good friend Tom Cochrane (whose father, coincidentally, suffered from PD), they raised $460,000 for the movement disorders centre at the Toronto Western Hospital.

Harry lives in New York City with his wife, Deborah Bradley. He has three children from a previous marriage and three stepchildren.