Dr. Ross Sugar

Ross grew up in Rockville, MD, and graduated from Duke University in 1982 with an undergraduate math degree.  After 10 years as a computer science programmer, Ross decided to follow his dream of becoming a physician.  He started medical school at the Medical College of Virginia in 1994, graduating in 1998.  He completed an internship in Internal Medicine, then completed a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins Hospital / Sinai Hospital in 2002.  Ross then went to Atlanta, Georgia, and completed a 1-year fellowship in Interventional Pain Medicine at Emory University / Georgia Pain Physicians.  He continued there as a staff physician until 2005, when he returned to Baltimore to be an attending physician at Sinai Hospital specializing in Interventional Pain Management.  From then until April of 2015, he continued to work as an Interventional Pain Physician, both in Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Northwest Hospital, and at the Baltimore Neurosurgery and Spine Center.

 In 2012, at the age of 52, Ross noted a change in the character of a lifelong essential tremor and was subsequently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  Ross is Jewish and of Ashkenazi descent.  Depending on a person’s genetic makeup, Ashkenazi descent may represent a risk factor for the development of PD.  Ross’s symptoms were well controlled until April of 2015, when he decided to stop working due to symptoms of PD.

 Despite his PD diagnosis, Ross has steadfastly maintained a vigorous and challenging athletic regimen.  He walks or runs nearly daily.  He has trained in boxing, and he attempted scaling Mount Rainier.  His group was turned around due to a heavy storm and avalanche conditions, but he hopes to return to Rainier some day.

 When presented with the opportunity to participate with Harry McMurtry and Sue Thompson in 500 Miles for Parkinson’s, Ross jumped at the chance to combine his love of difficult athletic challenges with a desire to help raise money for a cause that is so personally important to both Ross and his family.

 Ross lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with Julie, his wife of 25 years.  They have two children: Kirsten, a video game programmer in NYC, and Nevin, a student at Pace University in Manhattan.

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