School Program

One of the goals of 500 Miles for Parkinson’s is to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease. To help achieve this goal, we want to engage school-aged children and, thus, their schools in the project. This engagement may be accomplished in a number of ways:

  1. Schools may invite Harry, Sue and/or Ross to address the school about Parkinson’s disease generally or 500 Miles specifically. To find out if a school visit can be arranged please email
  2. Schools may buy a mile through student fundraising activities.
  3. Schools and individual classes may participate in the 500 Minutes for Parkinson’s Challenge.

School Visits

Harry, Sue and/or Ross will attend schools along the walk route to briefly address either a school assembly or an individual class. They will put a face to Parkinson’s disease; discuss the disease in simple terms; and emphasize that people with disabilities lead fulfilling lives.

Join the 500 Minutes for Parkinson’s Challenge

This is a challenge for educators and schools to provide students with up to 500 Minutes of Education and Awareness about Parkinson’s disease during the time that Harry, Sue and Ross are on their trek from New York to Toronto (May 7-June 20, 2016). This is equivalent to approximately 10-15 minutes per day. A dedicated team of educators have developed a series of lesson plans and resources to make this challenge easy to implement. Teachers can use lesson plans provided and adapt them as necessary to fit the needs of their classes and facilities.  The lesson plans are targeted for grades 4-8 (but can be adapted to fit any age group) and include topics like the brain, Parkinson’s disease, mindfulness and yoga, balance and agility exercise, brain games, fundraising ideas and the list goes on. They are instructional, fun and easy – help spread awareness about Parkinson’s and get involved!!

To access the 500 Minutes for Parkinson’s Challenge click here

If your school is located on or near Harry’s route and you are interested in getting involved with 500 Miles for Parkinson’s, then please email:

They will be available at the beginning of the school day.