This project would not be possible without the generous support of sponsors of all kinds. Sponsorships defray the cost of goods and services that we are unable to obtain as in-kind contributions. From room and equipment rentals for the galas, to accommodation, food and on-route services for the walk, we need your help to cover these expenses. Please see our Sponsorship Package to find out how you or your company can get involved.

There are several tiers of sponsorship:

Title $50,000
Platinum $25,000
Gold $10,000
Silver $5,000
Bronze $2,500
Individual $1,000

To become a sponsor, please send a check/cheque, bank draft or money order (in US or CDN dollars) payable to Hull & Hull – Five Hundred Miles to the following address:

c/o Courtney Serrie
Hull & Hull LLP
141 Adelaide St. W.
Suite 1700
Toronto, Canada
M5H 3L5

Sponsors who are not able to expense their contribution for tax purposes may be able to claim a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax professional.