Opportunities to volunteer for 500 Miles for Parkinson’s include:

  • Organize an event in your community along the route
  • Arrange a visit by Harry to a school or local Parkinson’s group along the route
  • Organize supporters to cheer on Harry along the route
  • Promote media coverage of the walk in your community
  • Solicit for silent and/or live auction items
  • If you’re interested in promoting and/or volunteering to help out at the following events, please contact the named individual below:
Hunter, NY – Tom Gasbarro (t.gasbarro@hotmail.com)
Hudson, QC – Nina Burke & Tom Birch (ninadburke@gmail.com)
Kingston – Karen Graham (karengraham2u@gmail.com) & Evelyn Graham (evelyngraham7@hotmail.com)
Napanee – Jasmin Cameron (jasmcameron@gmail.com)
Belleville – Mike Kirby (mikekirby05@gmail.com)
Cobourg –  John Gutteridge (ljgutteridge@gmail.com)
Ottawa – John Pratt (john.pratt@canada.ca)
North Bay – Richard & Darlene Vanderlee (vanderlee@sympatico.ca)
Calgary – Dave Lougheed (dave.lougheed@raymondjames.ca)
Vancouver – Jim Maedel ( jim@jouta.com)
Poughkeepsie – Krista Gobins (kristamgobins@gmail.com)

If you require further information, please contact Julie Cowan or Kirsten Sixt at volunteers@fivehundredmiles.org